recordbodycount: Ludwig Wittgenstein (phil. // hey ludwig)
2009-09-07 10:18 pm

Hey Ludwig, you are not leaving so early...

"I do not find this party amusing."
"Bah, but it is just beginning! Come, we will make it amusing, you and I, ja, ja? Hey Ludwig? This is for you..."

- Cabaret

I know I've written on Livejournal before about my fondness for Juvenal, and on GreatestJournal about Martial (lost to the beavers) BUT never really expounded on why I like Wittgenstein. I know Chels hasn't read him but knows I'm insane for him, and whenever that happens I like to write something up about why that is.

I've been put off talking about Wittgenstein here in the past because some people on my flist are actually proper philosophy students and not just dilettante English refugees like myself. I didn't want to embarrass myself, because my love for him is not really very academic. In fact, when I first read him I didn't understand what I was reading at all, and it's only bit by bit over the years that I've started to learn the actual meaning of phrases that I had long since memorised. I'm also cautious because when I first encountered him in adolescence and puzzled over his writing, I projected a lot of my own beliefs onto him and to this day I'm never sure what's true out in the real world and what are just my mistaken impressions (of which I am still quite fond).

This all got very long because I couldn't write about the excitement I felt over Wittgenstein without talking about the whole circumstances of what and how I was learning at the time. I guess this is all more about me than him.

Explanations have to end somewhere. )